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Onsite Animal Care 

At our picturesque location in historic Redlands, Califonia, we will provide the respite and loving care animals deserve. We are currently in the process of securing permits to build a dog kennel, cattery, and barn to provide shelter for a variety of animals from chickens to pigs to donkeys and more. We will adapt to the need regardless of what type of animal.

Man with his Dog
Educational Support

At Fetch Media Matters, we don't just pride ourselves on creating a safe and nurturing environment for animals who have been neglected, we believe in shaping the narrative to create the most positive impact and advocate community engagement in building a world where all animals are treated with compassion.

Marketing & Media

In need of marketing support? We have your back. Whether you are an organization or a one human show, we have the marketing experience to promote your event, help drive attendance or viewership and spread the good word. 

Film Set
Production Support

Have an amazing idea for a project, but need help bringing it to life? Fetch has free, full video production and design services to help you with press, filming, or any graphic design needs.

Dogs with trainer
Partner With Us

It takes a village. We believe in community and the greater the community, the more we can accomplish. If your organization would like to join forces with Fetch, contact us and let's create a happier and safer world for animals. 

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