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Fetch Media Matters (Fetch) is a California 501 (c) (3) nonprofit volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the lives of all animals. Fetch provides onsite animal care and shelter as well as marketing, media, and production support to partner charities. By working with a network of volunteers, advocates, national and local rescue organizations, Fetch can change the lives of animals each year.

Become part of the Fetch family

Achieving Our Mission

The mission of Fetch! Media Matters is to make the world a safe place for all animals—whether

that’s through onsite animal care, or by providing marketing, media and production support to our partner charities. We provide homeless pets with shelter and the

best possible care while they are in our custody until they can find permanent homes. 

Onsite Animal Care

Working with partner charities, we provide respite care for the overflow of dogs, cats, and other animals on an as-needed basis. Our partner charities provide the necessary veterinary and medical supplies for the animals that they turn over to our custody.  For those animals who need long-term shelter or may not be adoptable, they will live the rest of their lives in the comfort and care provided by Fetch.

Community Support

In addition to providing animal shelter and care, Fetch provides marketing support to other charities. We work with our partners to market their events, develop educational materials, as well as work on branding and creative direction for campaigns.

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